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Protection and Support as Original Concept
Technology Development, Quality Inspection
Bearings that will continue to protect the rotating shaft even in case they should get damaged or break. Such bearings manage for it. With this concept, Kongo Colmet started for its R&D efforts and quality assurance.
Kongo Colmet as a specialized bearing manufacturer makes full use of expertise and data accumulated over several decades and of its unique preparation to machining techniques. We have introduced equipment to analyze the compositions of individual products. Based on scientific studies as well as actual experiences, we develop higher-grade bearing products and quality control.
Constantly protecting customers at all costs, we are exploring new possibilities for bearings as the vital parts of mechanical systems.

Creative Power Performing on the Global Stage
White Metal Bonding
Bearings produced by Kongo Colmet has been utilized in various fields both in Japan and abroad.
Each bearing is processing in the handmade from the blending of the white metal as raw material to finish machining. The processing technology to yield the product is crucial, to say nothing of the quality of the white metal material. For example, in developing our highly evaluated lining technology, a great amount of experience was condensed into data and defined into unique and sophisticated techniques. Our bonding techniques for lining white metal on the back metals have been regarded as the world’s top level.
In order to finish in an ideal surface texture after the process of machining, thickness of the lined white metal and other parameters are fully worked out.
The genuine worth of our products will be gradually realized through years of use in actual operations. This reliable technology and product quality will win customers’ trust, and be an irreplaceable corporate assets.

Exquisite Combination of Wisdom
and Engineering – Global Standard
White Metal Production
Quality white metal ingots, which surpass JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), are now attracting worldwide attention as the result of professionals’ extensive efforts in pursuit of quality based on material compositions and molecular structure. These are Kongo RR-1 and RR-2 our own original products. We are also able to provide separately white metal ingots to our customers in manufacturing bearings by themselves.
Soft and gentle texture of white metal contradicts the notion that metal materials are hard and inorganic. White metal that combined with the back metal provides the pliability to keep supporting rotating shafts. White metals which are products of Kongo Colmet are of the highest quality and are taking the lead in this field of the world.

Prestige of Superior Power and Technique
Extensive Production Facilities
The order-made top-quality bearings provided by Kongo Colmet are not able to be easily manufactured on a mass-production line nor labor-saving automated equipment. Specific techniques are required for achieving our customers’ demands, high quality, precision and reliability. The cornerstone of our production system can in fact be described as “skilled technique”.
We have thus constructed ideal production facilities as a specialized bearings manufacturer of a workspace to exert utmost skills and ability of each worker, accomplishing our mission. For white metal lining, we have both centrifugal and stationary casting facilities to immediately meet our customers’ different needs.
Our plant is equipped with instruments comparable to those in research institutions, including an Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry, metallurgical microscopes, ultrasonic flaw detectors and electromagnetic thickness gauges, all of them for the purpose of assuring and improving product quality.
At the same time, we have strengthened our facilities for waste treatment in recognition of our role in and obligations to society, leading to an “environment-friendly” manufacturing. Our careful attention to details and innovations in our manufacturing facilities are yet another reason for the trust our customers put in us.

Three Grounds for Confidence
in Kongo Colmet
Technology, Quality, Humanity
The bearings which we provide for customers are rightly evaluated by virtue of their superb quality, but for keeping up the quality, various innovations and improvements must be made from diverse perspectives.
Why do we continue to be as particular about the quality and improvement as seem to be more than necessary?
The reason why we at Kongo Colmet draw strength from our spirit of professional pride and duty to “contribute to the present and build up the next generation,” and we are devoting ourselves energetically to a corporate strategy focused on the new era.
Exerting serious efforts to pass on our casting and machining techniques of craftsmanship, we are promoting numerical control on the basis of experience and committed to completely meeting our customers’ ever-diversifying needs on quality control and improvement.
In keeping with our corporate philosophy of “People First”, we are cultivating the younger members of staff who are to lead the company into a new era.
The times may change, but Kongo Colmet’s enthusiasm for solid technology, superb quality and creation of the very best bearings, will never fade away.

We are the little but big people, capable of filling world’s needs, ready and reliable anyplace, anytime.
Then we are KONGO COLMET, you can rely on the bearing people.